Give My Peace brings together my parenting and over 15 years of teaching in a school that promotes the appreciation of the diversity of persons and cultures. My dream is for all children to have such an education.

Friends often think it must be easier for me to be a parent with my training and experience as a teacher, unfortunately not. Other people’s children are so much easier than your own! Being a teacher and a parent are two different things.

In my work I see how a child’s emotional state directly affects their learning ability, sometimes in an extreme way. Emotions drive attention and attention drives learning. How to solve these issues is not easy. We often don’t know which way to turn and frequently what appears to be the problem is more a symptom of something else. Making the best decision on how to help our children can be daunting and we don’t have time to waste when our child’s happiness and future are at stake. We often get stuck and need a third party to help us, but which one?

Whether it turns out to be ‘a storm in a teacup’ or something much more serious, my goal is to help children, parents and families to reach the Peace and happiness they deserve, including my own! I hope you will find something on my website that will help you. It takes a village to raise a child and we all need to work together, with no judgments but with compassion and understanding.

Om Shanti,